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There is nothing so soothing and luxuriating than having strong fingers give a massage to the feet, especially when done by the team at the boutique spa, Footfetish. We specialize in pampering of your feet, witha foot reflexology treatment that will draw away pain and stress from your body.

Foot reflexology has proven health benefits. The treatment promotes self-healing abilities and is the perfect therapy for general wellness. Each point in the foot corresponds toa part of the body. During the treatment, all the pressure points of the feet including the toes, soles, heels and even ankles are massaged, tapped, squeezed, pressed and rubbed, thus releasing energy channels that extend all the way to the top of the head. You can opt for our spa organic foot therapy treatments, that use ingredients such as milk, honey, white chocolate, lavender, mint , lemongrass, green tea, mandarin and mango extracts, each with its own special benefits.

Our foot therapy sessions will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. You will wonder why you have not come sooner to Footfetish, the experts in foot therapy!

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